Push IWC Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia

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Schaffhausen, September 1, 2011 – Today, the IWC Schaffhausen launched a grand Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia, it is the history of IWC’s most unique and sophisticated watch. After in-depth study of a decade, the Swiss watch brand IWC IWC successfully solar day and sidereal day functional integration in a watch. About 80 media reporters from around the world gathered in Schaffhausen, when you first see the mystery of this complex meter.


Today, people watch industry copolymerization Schaffhausen IWC’s headquarters, to witness the history of IWC’s most sophisticated grand launch of unique timepieces. “Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia is a real work of art, is the engineer, the results of decades of research and development team of scientists and technicians watch” IWC Schaffhausen IWC CEO Georges Kern (Georges Kern) explained . “They succeeded in the solar day and sidereal day functional integration in a watch from the front, this great masterpiece heritage of the Portuguese watch classic design; from the back of the watch, it is a sophisticated astronomical instruments ; and its core is a major milestone in the art of Haute Horlogerie “However, it is worth noting that the series is absolutely unique watch each one, which is perhaps more complicated than its inherent function of the quantity and composition more attractive. force. The watch was undoubtedly the most impressive features of the brand patent Constant Tourbillon. In the bottom of the small space is neatly demonstrated the astrological chart, horizon, geographical coordinates, solar day, sidereal day, sunrise and sunset display and day, night and dawn display. Also not to be missed is provided on the number of days displayed behind the comprehensive integrated calendar. Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia sky blend romance and cutting-edge science and technology, it not only has sophisticated watchmaking technology, and extremely simple operation, and reflects the attention to detail watchmaking technicians and advanced vision. Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia performance precision, attention to detail, and is very suitable to wear everyday use: the water depth up to 3 bar, although the internal mechanical structure is extremely compact, but still has amazing seismic performance.

The detachment watches are unique

Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia will not go into production. Each watch will be in accordance with the requirements of customers exclusive custom was itself as a separate project. Because the star chart, as well as sunrise and sunset time horizon needs to be displayed on the watch, so each needs a custom-made mechanical parts are then assembled and adjusted individually calculated according to the customer specified city. Each customer can only wear a unique watch, and have a unique astrological chart, the night sky will reproduce its selected location on the bottom cover of the watch. The main characteristics of Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia in its personal custom design, as a special part of the service. Customers can design their own precious watches in the range of IWC’s design may require. Brand offers a range of case and strap material, and embedded dial in five different colors and various shades of time scale and strap for customers to choose, the resulting combination with more than 200 models. Given the need to make personal and sometimes watch design is also quite complex, so after waiting for buyers to buy about a year. And of course, the characteristics of the production has been worth waiting for people. IWC Schaffhausen IWC Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen IWC watches of lasting value dedicated to technology and R & D has been producing since 1868. Companies eager to pursue innovative solutions and unique technology in the international community has won widespread praise. As one of the world’s leading brand in the field of luxury watches, IWC IWC blend extremely accurate performance and unique design to create the most advanced watchmaking art as reflected in the realm of a model.

Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia

Model 5041 Features mechanical movement, the new balance with two adjustment cams and two spinners swing weight, Breguet balance spring, two barrels, constant force tourbillon dial side shows the 24-hour display (sidereal time ), sidereal day and solar day can be adjusted separately, power reserve display case back to display custom star maps and the horizon, sunrise and sunset display, sidereal day and solar day, star charts under day, night and dusk display, calendar display can be leap year and the number of days the movement Model 94900 frequency per hour 18,000 times / 2.5 Hz Jewels 56 power reserve 4 days (96 hours) chain manual material customer custom case materials                                  (such as platinum or red gold)                                   customer custom strap, with the IWC folding clasp table mirror flat-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass case back transparent sapphire glass case back water resistant to 3 bar diameter 46 mm thickness of 17.5 mm


Mature career – had experience of life is always beautiful and moving deep

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smooth neat ponytail, dark suit, pointed high-heeled shoes, high-end car business has become many people’s minds the image of a strong woman sign. Lectures, conferences, interviews, business trip, the dinner has become the main content of life. Dense mass itinerary headache …… seems to work-life balance can never be total. What substance can make you instantly inject energy? A gold watch enough? of course!

Tank Anglaise K yellow gold medium watches, alligator strap

smooth neat ponytail, dark suit, pointed high-heeled shoes, high-end car business has become many people’s minds the image of a strong woman sign. Lectures, conferences, interviews, business trip, the dinner has become the main content of life. Dense mass itinerary headache …… seems to work-life balance can never be total. What substance can make you instantly inject energy? A gold watch enough? of course!

Tank Anglaise K yellow gold medium watches, alligator strap

Continuation of the British tanks consistent style, While the new series uses the same watch crown design, more comfortable to wear at the same time, it looks more sophisticated. Luxurious crocodile leather strap with the best coloring process, the color of the leather surface covered, totally natural, God-given like a shiny, gorgeous but restrained. This dark brown and not aggressive posture, but a kind of atmosphere luxurious texture. Tip you walk in the workplace, compared to those in the workplace upstart fresh colors, you can always clear out just the right maturity and elegance. Or workplace dress code used is plain, but put on such a table, under a neutral gas field, revealing the inner golden light exudes high quality and taste. Such color always makes you on various occasions to become a trend indicator. Chamber of speech, gestures, highlights the wisdom and mature professional charm. Gestures inadvertently, quietly from the cuff showing a touch of golden glory, but in the deep female executives tough temperament, showing that after years of being baptized by washing out the essence of temperament.

Dinner, whether it is a private party or business dinner, this watch can make your dress more eye-catching, but the taste can be improved. Roman numerals, like the cello melodious notes floated dial integrated into the arts. Gold case shines but full of meaning, with a dark strap, overly extravagant, overly assertive, when every inch of gold table shell contain charm into a shine, leaving your charm without fear of time passing. It is always with you the perfect deal with various situations, so that the same people you meet smooth and slick.

To Intentia overall style and charm, a taste of its charm from a single female models watch is not enough. Men British tanks on the characteristics of its series gives more prominent. If life is only one choice, the British tanks can be described as an excellent choice for urban men.

Tank Anglaise watch large white K gold, alligator strap

Similarly, follow the men’s choice, large Intentia’s business elite is always the best choice. Square case more domineering than the powerful round case, a symbol of the vast blue pointer no arrests in the inner world, the dream of giving the most accurate point. Look seconds goes by, I did not feel tired. Out of the rude and vulgar, select the tank men restrained temperament most humble, but no lack of artistic temperament. Alligator strap noble, but also a kind of wild charm. White K gold material highlight the taste at the same time, more noble.

Tank Anglaise Rose K gold small diamond watches, alligator strap

Of course, in addition to platinum black style, more luxurious level rose K gold diamond-studded watch band with rose K gold case styles to choose from. In the match with the same white K gold, but relatively more to highlight the precious material luxury and elegance. The trumpet rose K gold diamond style with the first line will be more comfortable, as the ladies attending the banquet or daily life wild style.

Summary: British Tan part of a series very subject of attention in the tank series watch. Its location resembles a car. Compatible with any business occasion, family and travel. In any moments in life, British tanks can always add color to accompany your style a lot. It is essential style table fans in mind, it is the only option for many people. Choose British Tan, in a sense, it is to choose an elegant relaxed lifestyle. (Map / text watch House Gao Man)


Art Watch Rolex

Empty Pa “comeback” Rolex Air-King Watch New Appreciation

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King Air type mentioned, I believe that many fans of the old labor can tell some well-known story, which was once a tribute aviation pilots watch products, after years of silence, now once again return. And different from the past is that this time, the King Air type to watch oversize 40 mm movement use after the Rolex Top 3131 certified chronometer automatic winding movement, compared to the old empty Pa whether design or performance , has been significantly improved.

The new King Air type watch case diameter of 40 mm, with 904L steel forging. Black dial rich personality, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock position marked King Arabic numerals, minute scale conspicuous prominent, so that sailing can clearly read.

The words “Air-King” (King Air type) on the dial, the watch is designed font used in the 1950’s designed for the original models.

The new King Air type watch reflects the unique contact the thirties Rolex and the aviation industry. In the golden age of aviation, aircraft performance with each passing day, the route continues to expand, long-haul flights are also introduced.

King Air type watch match 904L solid steel chain link Oyster bracelet with folding Oyster buckle, buckle easy to tune also installed links. This device is designed to extend patent Rolex cleverly lets wearing a strap to easily extend about 5 mm, in any case, all wearing comfort.

New Air-King is hot, there is another important reason is that Rolex first use of such classic golden crown and green with a trademark.

Summary: There is no doubt that the new model will skymaster like other Oyster watch as renewed attention, and will be one of this year’s annual hot models, positioned at the Rolex entry-level pricing, it will also attract a lot of love Rolex watch group of young people.