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Mature career – had experience of life is always beautiful and moving deep

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smooth neat ponytail, dark suit, pointed high-heeled shoes, high-end car business has become many people’s minds the image of a strong woman sign. Lectures, conferences, interviews, business trip, the dinner has become the main content of life. Dense mass itinerary headache …… seems to work-life balance can never be total. What substance can make you instantly inject energy? A gold watch enough? of course!

Tank Anglaise K yellow gold medium watches, alligator strap

smooth neat ponytail, dark suit, pointed high-heeled shoes, high-end car business has become many people’s minds the image of a strong woman sign. Lectures, conferences, interviews, business trip, the dinner has become the main content of life. Dense mass itinerary headache …… seems to work-life balance can never be total. What substance can make you instantly inject energy? A gold watch enough? of course!

Tank Anglaise K yellow gold medium watches, alligator strap

Continuation of the British tanks consistent style, While the new series uses the same watch crown design, more comfortable to wear at the same time, it looks more sophisticated. Luxurious crocodile leather strap with the best coloring process, the color of the leather surface covered, totally natural, God-given like a shiny, gorgeous but restrained. This dark brown and not aggressive posture, but a kind of atmosphere luxurious texture. Tip you walk in the workplace, compared to those in the workplace upstart fresh colors, you can always clear out just the right maturity and elegance. Or workplace dress code used is plain, but put on such a table, under a neutral gas field, revealing the inner golden light exudes high quality and taste. Such color always makes you on various occasions to become a trend indicator. Chamber of speech, gestures, highlights the wisdom and mature professional charm. Gestures inadvertently, quietly from the cuff showing a touch of golden glory, but in the deep female executives tough temperament, showing that after years of being baptized by washing out the essence of temperament.

Dinner, whether it is a private party or business dinner, this watch can make your dress more eye-catching, but the taste can be improved. Roman numerals, like the cello melodious notes floated dial integrated into the arts. Gold case shines but full of meaning, with a dark strap, overly extravagant, overly assertive, when every inch of gold table shell contain charm into a shine, leaving your charm without fear of time passing. It is always with you the perfect deal with various situations, so that the same people you meet smooth and slick.

To Intentia overall style and charm, a taste of its charm from a single female models watch is not enough. Men British tanks on the characteristics of its series gives more prominent. If life is only one choice, the British tanks can be described as an excellent choice for urban men.

Tank Anglaise watch large white K gold, alligator strap

Similarly, follow the men’s choice, large Intentia’s business elite is always the best choice. Square case more domineering than the powerful round case, a symbol of the vast blue pointer no arrests in the inner world, the dream of giving the most accurate point. Look seconds goes by, I did not feel tired. Out of the rude and vulgar, select the tank men restrained temperament most humble, but no lack of artistic temperament. Alligator strap noble, but also a kind of wild charm. White K gold material highlight the taste at the same time, more noble.

Tank Anglaise Rose K gold small diamond watches, alligator strap

Of course, in addition to platinum black style, more luxurious level rose K gold diamond-studded watch band with rose K gold case styles to choose from. In the match with the same white K gold, but relatively more to highlight the precious material luxury and elegance. The trumpet rose K gold diamond style with the first line will be more comfortable, as the ladies attending the banquet or daily life wild style.

Summary: British Tan part of a series very subject of attention in the tank series watch. Its location resembles a car. Compatible with any business occasion, family and travel. In any moments in life, British tanks can always add color to accompany your style a lot. It is essential style table fans in mind, it is the only option for many people. Choose British Tan, in a sense, it is to choose an elegant relaxed lifestyle. (Map / text watch House Gao Man)



Dance perfect display time Cartier Tourbillon Cadran Lové

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Dance perfect display time Cartier Tourbillon Cadran Lové

Watchmaker’s core challenge is to focus on how to build a miniature tourbillon movement and clever eccentric time display, and sketched out the essence of traditional and modern at the same time with the idea of ​​a unique style. Dial broad space designer to make full play to the imagination, a perfect three different components into one, creating a kind of unique time display.

  Dance of Time

Watch craftsmen at the bottom surface is given an elegant Glyph, dark gray after plating, to create floating structures of the foundation. Crescent-like sculpture in the background to start, an elegant white K gold hollow Roman numerals lay them.

In slightly offset to the right of the dial, the pointer rotation dancing more flavor, I wonder if there will be strange things happen. Order Roman numeral dial flange frame one side, sword-shaped blue steel hands are slightly shifted to the right, near the mosaic cabochon sapphire K white gold winding crown.


Dance perfect display time Cartier Tourbillon Cadran Lové

  The art of self-presentation

These markers are doing a circular motion laws, showing the passage of time. Around them, the gear system accentuates its elegant, precise, delicate dance is impressive not have. Although the 9458 MC manual winding movement led this dance, orchestra conductor, but someone else, its role can not be underestimated. In fact, in this large and small circle composed by the irregular configuration, if only by a tourbillon movement drives, and one of the Cartier “C” shaped table to play the role of bridge for the pointer. This beautiful floating device attracted the attention of all people, it seems nothing can make it stop. From whatever angle view, floating device finally found true freedom under the magic of watchmaking experts, purely mechanical art of sublimation.


Dance perfect display time Cartier Tourbillon Cadran Lové

  Control weightlessness

Your new Tourbillon meticulously developed by Cartier watch workshops, shows all signs of a rich and constantly updated watchmaking heritage implied.

The superior tourbillon device with 9458 MC-type movement drive, engraved “Geneva quality mark” (Poinçon de Genève) has a diameter of 46 mm make this the Rotonde de Cartier watch as senior watchmaking veritable masterpiece.

The watch will be in the tourbillon is designed to enhance its overall beauty, which abandoned the traditional way tourbillon frame fixed between the movement of the main plate and the bridge table. Tourbillon carriage bridge in the table seems to really “fly”, and as weightless as suspended on the dial, this design is susceptible to shock and risk of the balance wheel instability. Given this decorative structure requires high technical precision,montre pas cher watchmakers have devoted a great deal of effort in the design of the tourbillon frame.


Dance perfect display time Cartier Tourbillon Cadran Lové

The movement in this classic tourbillon device flip, Cartier has always been hidden secrets will be revealed. Like all Haute Horlogerie movement, this section includes a 50 hours power reserve 9458MC-type manual-winding mechanical movement, each part by hand modification. Through K white gold case embedded in a transparent case back, montre guess femme you can enjoy on the back of the main plate decorated with Côtes de Genève decoration. In this work, the bridge table chamfered polished side after drawing modification polished screw heads, all decorative details are in line with “Geneva quality mark,” the stringent requirements, means that each procedure is completed in accordance with watchmaking tradition meticulously .

Each watch is completed by a watchmaker same assembly with an individually numbered, white K gold watches for sale on the 100, the trapezoid cut diamonds inlaid white K gold models are limited edition 20.


Comment Piaget Gouverneur series G0A37112 Chronograph

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Early last century, the watch manufacturers in order to attract the attention of customers, wrist watch designer constant innovation in the Case shape. Funny, exaggerated, and all sorts of beautiful and elegant avant-garde of the case have turned out. After nearly 80 years of continuous torment, 2012 Case shape seems difficult to innovate. Piaget table change the shell has a unique and creative and in 2012 SIHH Gouverneur grand launched a new series of three watches, followed by small series in Gouverneur Chronograph for clues to tell simple analytical Piaget Gouverneur series G0A37112 Chronograph.

Circle is the symbol of absolute perfection, striking, circular and more can bring endless changes, unlimited dynamic presentation. Oval is to teach people to think of symbolic innovation and protection. If these two shapes are balanced harmony, which create changes will not be ignored.

The new series of watches use Gouverneur Round and oval design, cleverly arranged in a unique aesthetic structures, creating a balance of visual effects. Being placed in a circular oval, and round turn and into the inside of the oval from the outside to the center of the dial, Gouverneur watches are showing elegant and harmonious design style.

The new series from the Earl of two generations of designers Gouverneur technology and knowledge transfer, two personally also explore different artistic inspiration. Father devised various watches Black Tie series modeling, the son of the creation of the variation of the dial, which makes the unique styling elements Earl has had survived, but transformed into timeless style.

At first glance watch Gouverneur system feel just another一枚classic round table, but after a closer look will find that the watch is actually Zhang “oval”, is a fully integrated round and oval-shaped case, which fully reflects the One senior watchmaker Piaget two technical areas: making the case.

Perfect glossy and matte polished surface staggered, projecting trick of a different shape, form a highly complex case production process, for example by case and polished matte side treated, polished bezel and bottom scale, polished case angle and oval chronograph button, any details all reflect the spirit of this watch.

This classic model is unique in its two-timing plate design, which dial the 3 o’clock position is minute counter, small dial at 9 o’clock position is 24 hours dual time zone display.

Date dial at 6 o’clock indicates the display area.

Gouverneur Chronograph equipped with the new 882P ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement , and is equipped with a vertical clutch device and the column-wheel.

Thickness of only 5.6 mm, equipped with large screw balance wheel and balance wheel lockout device, vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800). Double barrel in watch mode activated state, providing about 50 hours of power reserve.

Gouverneur Chronograph assembled transparent sapphire crystal caseback, the movement to make the Earl of traditional modified at a glance, including Cotes de Geneve, Geneva wave decoration veins, annular corrugated board decorative grinding, chamfering modification meter bridge, blue steel screws and engraved with Piaget automatic pendulum Tuo family badge.

The new system, in addition to Couverneur Couverneur Chronograph, there Gouverneur date display automatic watch and Gouverneur Tourbillon.

Gouverneur date display automatic watch Piaget 800P self-movement, and assembly of large-size screw balance wheel and balance wheel lockout device. Double barrel provides up to 85 hours of power reserve. In this rugged movement known for promoting watch central hour hand, minute and second hands, as well as the date at 6 o’clock show. Earl-signed engraved movement modified with brand design elements of mutual integration, such as Cotes de Geneve, Geneva wave decoration veins, annular corrugated board decorative grinding, chamfering modification meter bridge, blue steel screws and engraved with the Piaget family crests, automatic Tuo.

Gouverneur Tourbillon equipped with the new 642P movement, the thickness of only 4 mm, extremely slim. This extraordinary mechanical movement equipped with the ultra-thin (2.8 mm) and very lightweight (0.2 g) flying tourbillon, and with representatives of the Earl of “P” letter symbol. The asymmetric shape of the letter, showing exquisite watchmaking skills. Except at 12 o’clock flying tourbillon visible on the dial through the air outside, 642P movement is also located at the 6 o’clock position pointer astronomical moon phase display, every 122 years to the day for an adjustment error. Moon phase subdial Haute Horlogerie Piaget has further cited plant is determined to technology into the design, but also highlights the circular design of the dial. Piaget 642P tourbillon movement provides approximately 40 hours of power reserve, and with full hand-built by the Advanced tab modifications including polished decorative annular corrugated board, table hand-chamfered bridges and decorated with endless wave decoration veins, hand chamfer modified tourbillon cage and blue steel screws, develop their unique style count.

Summary: meticulous detail, a perfect match for the movement and the case, and mechanical equipment and design a whole exhibit extraordinary accomplishments watchmakers Piaget.