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IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Retrograde watch presentation

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IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Retrograde watch presentation

  Over the years, with a rotating frame escapement Portuguese Tourbillon watch it has been the most beautiful wrist watch one. Now, in addition to seven days power reserve display, Schaffhausen IWC IWC ‘s designers have again for this unique highly coveted when the count was added extraordinary date display, it brightened charm.

It is a Portuguese family days – seductive, beautiful, mysterious. Since its debut in 2003, increasing the number of its followers. Its charm comes from the generous shape, unique style and exceptional tourbillon escapement – on dark background, as if there is a dancer rotating at 12 o’clock position. Portuguese Tourbillon balance wheel frame containing fine volley seemed to rotate like a really surreal scene people feel more mysterious. IWC IWC watch designers have re-equipped by the end of this watch is added flyback function date display, mysterious and elegant Portuguese Tourbillon Retrograde watch was born.

Newly added retrograde date display integrated in the IWC homemade 51900-type movement , which dials across this large case of one-quarter. Whenever there are 31 days to reach the big end of month (January, March, May, July, Replica Watches August, October and December), date display automatically jumps back to the 1st. In Satsuki, or after a period of time not wearing the watch, you can quickly adjust date display function will move forward, then fly back to the first day of the month. At the same time without having to adjust the date when the adjustment time. Now, this remarkable watch has added a remarkable display.

Small seconds before the minute is now particularly noticeable tourbillon replaced. Implementation of this feature is steel frame with three iconic support bars (arranged in a star). 7 days power reserve dial right side of the display shows the remaining power of the barrel, and barrel by the movement of family proven Pellaton automatic winding system with high efficiency to provide power. Flying minute tourbillon supported only on one side, which consists of 81 parts, each weighing only 0.433 grams.Swiss Replica Watches UK Mystery tourbillon will build into the arena dial – it will follow the rotation of the wheel frame per minute, turned to become black scenery at the 12 o’clock position rotates dancers.

Before the watches, the tourbillon is still embedded in the ground outside the circle of decorative plywood. In the Portuguese Tourbillon Retrograde watch, it is embedded in the inside of the ring using internal mirror polished, escapement components which reflected once again, clearly visible. In addition to sophisticated technology escapement, the Portuguese Tourbillon Retrograde watch others show us a visual feast.

Limited edition of 500 with gold and silver dial embedded numeric 18K red gold watches, and 250 with ruthenium black dial and rhodium-plated hands and scale titanium watches.


Spring vitality – IWC

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One of the veteran – cover the whole body color

Chromatic play, if not the Pope nor childlike,that only a dead end. Large area coloring, absolutely not dare or dare question!

For men in terms of both dare to wear bright colors the entire gold begin to build a watch , or was it in more than three color design, this one is much more than “boom” or “dare” issue. Have their own style, love to mix and match, they will not stick to the norm is love sports, love table young family. If you are looking for such a table, and has been nil, astogether with us to choose the most suitable in the spring you wear “fun” watch .

Monochrome MONOCHROME henselae

Cook cook red or blue? In the end it is how men can calmly face such a table?

  IWC ( IWC ) Super Technician engineer automatic watch Zidane Special Edition

Remove the shirt Zidane is still the minds of many fans of the soldiers. Swiss Replica Watches UK  IWC watch not only invited him to become the new brand ambassador, and in particular for his production engineers automatic watch Zidane special edition watch, the global limit 1000, the species is a symbol of the French team – blue, do not know the fans and Table fans will not be impressed.

Franck Muller Crazy Hour

  I will not speak Franck Muller master how talented, just watch your own unique high recognition rate can make you stand out from the crowd wrist. While Crazy Hour watch the whole body with warm red building, and creativity to break the dial shows the inherent law will rearrange the Arabic numerals on the dial, at first glance,Replica Watches I really thought it was time bewildered. In this “open time joke” behind, hidden in a Franck Muller watch craftsmen ideas and thoughts.

Hublot ( Hublot ) Big Bang King King Black Blue Sensation

  The past two years in the mainland began popular Yu-ship table in the use of rubber material is definitely regarded pedigree. While King Black Blue Sensation absolute “king” of tolerance. Its large diameter of 48mm,cheap rolex the extinction of black and dark blue with, the body is like a force ready to go hide. Blue alligator strap inserted inside a black rubber, so strap soft and easy to wear, carry chronograph movement , equipped with diving capabilities, dynamic and powerful.